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Remortgage Conveyancing Solicitors Services

Remortgage Conveyancing Solicitors Services in London

Remortgage Conveyancing Solicitors Services can help you free up equity and/or receive a cheaper loan rate by remortgaging your property.

You might want to refinance your home:

  • Following the dissolution of a partnership or marriage,
  • To obtain a second mortgage as a result of a new marriage or cohabitation,
  • to settle debts,
  • To use the money towards a unique buy or as a present for someone else.

Once you’ve opted to remortgage: you must hire top remortgage conveyancing solicitors to handle title checks, searches, the redemption of existing mortgages, and money transfers on your behalf. A solicitor will also be required to act as a witness when the mortgage documentation is signed.

We are on the conveyancing panels of the great majority of mortgage lenders. As a result, we can represent both you and your lender, making the process easier for you.

When dealing with re-mortgages related to relationship/marriage breakdowns and estate administration, our remortgage conveyancing solicitors services collaborates closely with our family law (link) and private client (link) departments. We have also dealt with negative equity issues.

In collaboration with our remortgage conveyancing solicitors’ team, we also assist customers in obtaining residential mortgages to fund company expansion and commercial loans secured by residential property levies.

Remortgage Conveyancing

At Crown Law Solicitors our residential property solicitors represent homeowners who are seeking to remortgage their properties.

Remortgaging is a way of providing homeowners with an opportunity to unlock value in their property through an equity release or simply to change your existing mortgage to obtain better rates.

Due to the change in the mortgage amount or provider, it is necessary to undertake legal work to ensure that the mortgage (charge) is effectively registered against your property, as that will be a requirement of your mortgage application.

Remortgage Conveyancing Solicitors 

At Crown Law Solicitors our experienced remortgage conveyancing solicitors will take the necessary legal action, processing the transaction as quickly as possible. We ensure you can secure your remortgage and the appropriate protection is put in place for the transaction to be completed successfully.

The remortgage process can happen quickly but it can also be a little confusing. Our experienced remortgage conveyancing solicitors will talk you through every stage of the remortgage process. We pride ourselves on an effective and responsive service that is tailored to keep your best interests at heart and will take the action necessary to complete in your preferred time scale.

Some Answers To Your Concerns about Remortgage: 

  • What exactly is a remortgage?

A remortgage is when you take up a new mortgage on an existing home, either to replace your existing mortgage or to borrow money against it.

  • What is the maximum amount I may refinance my home for?

It differs, but the majority of consumers refinance to save money by locking in a lower interest rate.

  • When will I be able to remortgage?

You do not need to wait until your current contract expires. If you have your heart set on a specific mortgage arrangement, plan ahead of time so you can transfer as soon as your current agreement expires.

Our Fees & Making Contact

Our legal fees are always competitive, and you will be very clear on the fees that need to be paid, to who and when. Please visit our legal fees page which can be accessed by clicking on the link: Our Fees 

To obtain a quotation or to speak to one of our experienced remortgage property lawyers you can call us on 0208 175 6733 or email us or complete an online inquiry.

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