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Estate Planning

Estate and Tax Planning Services

Estate & Tax Planning is an important part of planning for the future. At Crown law Solicitors we will work with you to help you make important decisions for the future through providing you with a detailed understanding of tax law and importantly inheritance tax.

An effective plan, put together in consultation with you and one of our experienced estate and tax planning solicitors, will help you manage your assets, tailoring the most appropriate solution that has yours and your family’s best interests at heart. This is not just about planning for what happens after your death but effective planning can also ensure your affairs and assets are managed effectively during your lifetime.

Estate and Tax Management Solicitors

Our experienced estate and tax planning solicitors will work with you understand your assets and finances and create a financial plan that meets your requirements protecting both you and your family. Importantly the plan must meet your exact wishes through your lifetime and after your death.

Crown law Solicitors will work with you to:

  • Understand your estate
  • Provide you with your options and the details you need to make a decision on what should be included within the plan and when
  • Create a plan which meets your requirements
  • Work with you on an ongoing basis to amend the plan as your life and circumstances change

An essential element of estate and tax planning is to address inheritance tax over a certain amount which is liable to change with every tax year. Visit the government website here to find out more.

Our experienced tax and estate management solicitors will ensure, within the boundaries of the law, to advise you on the options you have and how to manage the inheritance tax paid by those you leave assets to. This may result in providing gifts or making investments before your death but our experience solicitors will help you make the right decisions for you at a time that is right.

Estate and Tax Planning is a complex area of law which is why you need expert solicitors to assist you and work with you to create a plan that work for you and protects you and your family. The team at Crown Law Solicitors has the experience and knowledge to provide this guidance.

Our Fees & Making Contact

We work to a range of fixed fees and where those are not possible we will provide you with a very clear and transparent fee quotation which will ensure you are fully aware of the fees you need to pay, to who and when.

To obtain quotation or to speak to one of our experienced estate and tax planning lawyers you can call us on 0208 175 6733 or email us or complete an online enquiry.