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Litigation Solicitors

Litigation is one of the options that parties have to resolve a dispute.

Litigation is the formal and often final step in dispute resolution and will involve issuing court proceedings via the Legal system in England and Wales.

Crown Law Solicitors act for both parties in a dispute. We will advise both individuals or businesses that are seeking to pursue an action against another party or defending an action brought against you or your business.

Once proceedings have been issued the parties need to comply with the civil procedure rules and it is essential that clients seek the advice of a litigation solicitors to ensure they are protected at all times and the appropriate action taken to not breach the court rules.

Crown Law Solicitors have an expert litigation team with extensive experience of working with our clients to manage their litigation effectively. We work for both individuals and businesses in assisting them to resolve their disputes, whatever the cause and need to commence litigation.

We have an excellent track record in the matters we litigate and we work hard to secure successful resolution of our clients issues.

Our Litigation Solicitors work across all areas of legal disputes arising from

  • Failure to pay invoices or monies owed (Debt Recovery)
  • Consumer disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Shareholder disputes
  • Director and Partner disputes
  • Landlord and Tenant disputes

Our litigation Solicitors are able to advise on all types and manners of disputes and direct you on the appropriate action to take and when.

There are several steps in the litigation process.

  • Pre action negotiation (some matters are governed by pre-action protocols
  • Issuing of proceedings
  • Defending proceedings
  • Litigation process (the handling of the legal proceedings)
  • Interim hearings
  • Settlement Agreements (where applicable)
  • Final hearings
  • Appeals
  • Enforcement

Our litigation Solicitors have experience in each stage and will work with you to ensure you receive the advice required on each stage

It is important that you speak to us to discuss your legal rights and the options to resolve a debt dispute and seek to recover the monies owed to you. Whether you are a business or an individual we will ensure you receive the right advice and appropriate representation.

Our Fees & Making Contact

Our legal fees are always competitive and you will be very clear on the fees that need to be paid, to who and when.

To obtain quotation or to speak to one of our experienced litigation lawyers you can call us on 0208 175 6733 or email us or complete an online enquiry.