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Leasehold Enfranchisement Solicitors

Leasehold Enfranchisement Solicitors in London

If you own a leasehold property and wish to renew your lease or buy the freehold, you must go through the leasehold enfranchisement solicitors in London. That allows qualified tenants the legal right to renew their lease or purchase the freehold on their leasehold property if the qualification conditions are met in line with legislation.

At Crown Law Solicitors LLP, leasehold enfranchisement solicitors work with clients to extend or purchase a share of the freehold of a property. The legal definition for this process is called Enfranchisement. You will require the advice of an expert property lawyer to advise and guide you on the necessary steps and action that must be taken.

Our enfranchisement solicitors’ services play a role in ensuring your rights have protected at all times, and you secure the part or full freehold that you intend. Whether the holder of the freehold has approached you or you wish to approach them, Crown Law Solicitors and our property team have the experience to guide and assist you.

London’s No.1 leasehold enfranchisement solicitors, we provide clear and experienced guidance on both non-contentious and contentious aspects of the procedure, intending to make it as easy and smooth-running as possible.

Professional Leasehold enfranchisement solicitors in London

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